Activation Spray

.27 oz. bottle

150 MG THC/1 MG THC per Spray

The CannAthlete Activation Spray offers game-changing micro-dosing. Each spray contains exactly 1mg of activated THC, allowing athletes to dial in more precise dosages then ever before. When the goal is to get focused, not “high”, our ACTIVATION SPRAY is the product for you, whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete in search of peak performance.

Made with MCT Oil, Cannabis Oil, & Natural Flavor

Recovery Serum

2 oz. bottle

200 MG THC

The CannAthlete Recovery Serum is the next generation in athletic recovery and sleep enhancement supplementation. We’re taking sports nutrition to a whole new high by combining natural cannabis with organic ingredients to provide a synergistic and highly potent post workout supplement.

Made with Organic Agave Nectar & Cannabis Oil